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1.     What is the hype surrounding Oracle Database Administration (ODBA)?

a.     Oracle continues to be the clear leader in database technology, having the largest installation base including almost every government agency and large business worldwide. And with the proliferation of the demand for massive amounts of data to be stored, processed and analyzed, the demand for knowledgeable, well qualified professionals to manage the underlying databases that contain this data will continue to grow.


2.     What does Jelani Consulting training program offer?

a.     Jelani Consulting provides students with the skills, knowledge and credentials required to enter the field of database administration.  Additionally, Jelani Consulting training program consists of formal classroom instruction, significant hands on lab exercises, real world project experience and official Oracle courseware.


3.     What are some of the topics covered in the program?

a.     Structured Query Language (SQL), Oracle Procedural Language (PL/SQL), Database Architecture and Database Administration.


4.     How can I enroll in the ODBA training program at Jelani Consulting?

a.     You can register for the program online at:

b.     You can register for the program in-person at: 6301 Ivy Lane Suite 100 Greenbelt, MD 20770


5.     How soon will I receive an enrollment confirmation?

a.     Immediately, when you enroll online or at our office.


6.     Will I be put on a waitlist if the class I want is full?

a.     Yes, as courses reach their enrollment capacity you can be placed on a waitlist when space opens in the course.


7.     Do I need to have an IT background in order to enroll in the ODBA program?

a.     No; basic computer usage.


8.     How long is the course?

a.     4 months


9.     How much is the course fee?

a.     Registration fee is $500.00 and the course fee is $4500.00. There is an early registration discount of $500.00 for students who register up to one week prior to the start of a new class.


10.                         Can I go to the first course meeting without paying the course fees?

a.     Yes, you may attend the first meeting without making any financial commitment if you would like to make sure the course meets your learning objectives. However, course registration fee must be paid in full prior to the second course meeting.


11.                        What certification does the training program prepare you for?

a.     The Oracle Certified Associate 11g


12.                        Will I get resume and interview preparation assistance after completing the program?

a.     Absolutely. Jelani Consulting has a Technical Writer on staff to assist with resume services.  Interview preparation sessions are also conducted during the week to ensure students are well prepared for their interviews.


13.                        Can I come back to Jelani Consulting to refresh my knowledge even after I have completed the course?

a.     Yes. Students who have successfully satisfied their payment agreement are more than welcome to come back.

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